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at 71 years old but never took any drugs except mild beta blocker

started to have more urge for urination during night. My doc wrote omnic (flomax or tamuslusin) 0.4 mg. I got all the side effects (stuffy nose, put on weight, back pain, more urge to urinate, ache in penis and bladder, etc....)  I wonder would it be better to do an operation. my doc says drug is better than operation, that I should continue on the drug fearing of obstruction one day. I am not a doc , rather an engineer, I learn in my field to destruct something if something goes wrong than to keep trying fixing it. is really an operation a bad thing. I know they do it now non invasive through laser beams to either remove it or making it smaller thanks
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It may be worth a second opinion or a visit with a specialist (urologist), if you haven't seen one yet.  
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