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bad Breath Question

My husband has had bad breath for about 7 months now. He has excellent hygiene - brushes, flosses, brushes tongue 2-3 times daily. It smells like fecal matter. could the problem be digestive?? We are at a loss....
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yes.. that can be a problem wit hdigestive.. since he is totally clean... he brushes his teeth which most of the times causes bad breath or halitosis.  i suggetst he avoid eating spicy food since it creates the worst smell the most...
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try listerine (sorry for bad spelling)

or any other type of mouth wash.

also keep note of what he is eating, because some foods just have that bad breath affect.
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Definitely see a doctor.  There could be an obstruction in the digestive tract, or something very simple.  It should not be ignored though.  Has he seen a dentist to rule out any oral abcesses?
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