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breast growth for men

I would like to increase my breast size, but I am worried about taking to much estrogen. i currently take 4mg morning and night of estrofem. What time frame do I need to take estrogen in order to increase my breast size to around a B cup. I am not a trans sexual or a transvestite. However, I really would like to increase my breast size. I am 52 years old. Also, is there any other health problems that may arise because of my estrogen taking? I was taking medroxyprogesterone but have ceased as I believe it can eliminate your ability to produce sperm. The reason I was taking this was because of its assistance in breast growth in transsexuals.
Many thanks
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Hi,You are now a trans,but you want your breast bigger.The only safe way would be to have breast implants.Taking to much estrogen is going to cause you more problems than you bargin for.If you are wanting female type breast the best way would be implants.
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Breast Implants are not safe. After a certain length of time ,you would have to get them replaced. There are ways to grow breasts without being totally feminized. You could take and drink tea daily that would consist of fennel seed ,fenugreek seed and saw palmetto .If you wanted faster growth ,you could add in wild yam .This wild yam is not sweet potatoes,it is a herb. If you use all four,you would need a quarter tablespoon of each.Boil the water for tea.I crush them and put them in a coffee strainer .Pour the water over the mixture ,let it sit for a few minutes and then drink it . This doesn't happen overnite ,but after you have been taking it for a while ,everyones body reacts differently ,some grow faster than others .You can also add some of this tea ,with the use of a drop[per ,to add it to breast cream ,and whatever doesn't get absorbed ,let it stay to dry on its own. This does work ,I have been doing this for 6 months. My breasts are firm ,and growing.
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I only thought would see a doctor. I don't believe in messing with things that you don't know without the aid of a proffessional.
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iam 22 years old male wanto grow my breast through Fenugreek seed tea is it possible
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