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calcium problem

Hi, I’m a 26 year old having loads of vitamin problems. I am 5ft 5inches short. Weight up to 60 kg. I live in an underdeveloped country with even more under developed medical facilities available. Also, the doctors here suck.
Every since my early teenage life, I have been playing basketball. However, I have not been able to play to the level of any kid at my age due weak bones. I get cramps every few runs I take. My bones would not take too much pressure. They usually end getting weak and stressed out (usually my knees) so, after like almost over 12 years, after one night due to intense jogging right around the next day I had to show a doctor; my left leg calves BECAUSE they don’t have any strength. After showing him he said its due to lack of calcium. He did blood test. See below the results. And I had to go through ultra sound physiotherapy for 5 days.

Haemoglobig : 11.6, Nutrophlis 51, Eosinphlis 02, Lymphocyte 45, Monocyte 02, ESR (westergren): 17, CReactive Protein:<6mg/I, Calcium CA++ 8.47.

Tab Acenac 100 mg BD x 10 days
Tab Pirox Dt 20mg BD x 7 days
Tab Ezoz 40mg BD x 10 days
Tab Vit-C BD x 10 days
Tab chymoral forte QID x 5 days
Tab Milical OD x 15 days

After showing report he gave these meds.
Cap Evion 400mg BD x 15 days
Cap Shelcal 500mg BD x 15 days
Tab Voveran SR 75mg BD x 15 days
Tab Esoz 40mg OD x 15 days
Tab Tryptomer 10mg HS x 7 days

My calves are ok now.

After showing him the results he responded by saying for my age 8.47 is very low. So I have to have at least a 9.50 or mostly a 10.50.
Henceforth. My biggest question is, will I be able to achieve my goal to increase my calcium level to a 10.5 in my youth and how?
I mean is it even possible? Like I’m 26 already

Please, please help
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   Apart from what AnnieBrook has advised, you should also include calcium rich food in your daily diet, like egg, milk etc., you can Google for calcium rich food and get more names of items.Taking sheep bone soup is also recommended as a natural way to solve calcium deficiency. In fact the shelcal tab contains both calcium and Vit D and is a common daily supplement used by postmenopausal women.  

But at your age, you should use supplements only on a temporary basis and try to get all vitamins and minerals directly from food. However, sometimes one may not be able to absorb the nutrients even if the intake is good, in many cases, due to certain digestive or other degenerative diseases. In such cases, the reason for malabsorption is to be diagnosed and corrected. Again, on the hormone side, both estrogen and testosterone are required to be in their normal range for maintaining bone mineral density. So, if there is no specific diseases present, it will be worth while to check the levels of these hormones.

Good luck,
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   Sorry, I can not say for sure, please check this up with your doctor.
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Aw forgot to mention my Haemoglobin prob is from that am a thalassemia career, not a full blown. Does that mean any thing regarding these issues?!
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I assume that you know it is possible to get calcium as a supplement, in pill form?  Be sure to take it along with Vitamin D if you are not out in the sunlight a lot, because the D helps the body absorb the calcium.
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