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can I take vitaros if I have a curved penis ?

I have a medicine induced erectile dysfunction for a few years. I sometimes take viagra or cialis, but it doesn't work very well so I am looking for other things. I'd like to try vitaros, but I have a curved penis, which is a contraindication for alprostadil treatement. So my question is : is curvature an absolute contraindication, and can it sometimed be prescribed to men who have a curved penis ? My penis has always been curved in erection. It gives me no pain, and my erections used to be very good. The curvature is significant, but I had easily satisfying sexual intercourses when I had no erectile dysfunction.
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This is something to ask a prescribing doctor about.  Don't just order viagra and take it but have a doctor prescribe and take under his supervision. There has been a link shown between have peyronie's disease (curvature of the penis) and erectile dysfunction.  That's also something to talk to the doctor about.  There is not absolute contraindication not to take viagra if you have a curved penis, no.  This article talks about ED actually causing the curved penis! https://consultqd.clevelandclinic.org/erectile-dysfunction-is-a-major-cause-of-peyronies-disease/  I do think some men, with advanced peyronies disease (curved penis) can get a painful erection.  So, it's a little complicated.  Have you seen a doctor about any of this?
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What I have is a congenital curvature, it's not peyronie, and my ED was caused by a medicine. I have prescription for viagra/cialis but it doesn't work very well so I 'd like to try other things, and I wonder if I can try alprostadil cream despite the curvature.
Curious, what medication caused the ED?  I ask because I'm wondering why it is permanent.  Is it because you're still taking it?  Is there no alternative?  I'm curious because some meds that can cause sexual problems, such as antidepressants, aren't necessarily permanent in that effect.  
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Sorry I made errors in a sentence. I rewrite it : Is curvature an absolute contraindication, or can it be sometimes prescribed to men who have a curved penis ?
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