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can corticosteroids effect testosterone and sperm levels

During this past summer i was sick and i went back every week for entire month, the doctor said i was ok i just had sinus infection with a cough. i was given two steroid shots. and i went back each week for the rest of the month because i was not gettin any better and also received a steroid shot each week with decadron one of the weeks.  then i changed doc and found out i had pneumonia, after i had passed out in class.  i was then given two more steroid shots and was prescribed predinsone.  well the pharmacy messed up on my perscription and i was supposed to be on predisone for 5 days and i was on it for twenty.  i finally got better after 40 pounds of weight gain and few other side effects. so to recap... for the two months i was sick i had bout eight steroid shots and three weeks worth of prednisone 40mg daily.... im now have had problems with my testosterone levels bottoming out, and all the side effects that come with that. my question is can corticosteroids effect testosterone production. i've found some articles where it effects LH which in turn effect T levels. but i was wondering if anyone knows for sure...... i need help bad!!!
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