Hello, my good friend Olly ( short for Oswelled) has noticed a lump inside his Left scrotum and is very very concerned about it.

He said that it is not causing any pain but he can't seem to stop worrying about it.
Does anyone have any advice I could pass on?.

Thank you
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all jokes aside... he has a lump on his left testicle, he says it's like his testicle has a nipple. I worded it wrong.
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It is safer to get medical advice on this problem.
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Advise Olly to book an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible to get this lump checked out.

It is crucial to get lumps on the scrotum checked out.  Do not be complacent about this, this is a very serious matter and could cost him his life if it is not checked out quickly.

Lumps on the testes can be cancer and if the diagnosis is confirmed early, treatment can begin with good prospects for recovery.

I shall now tell you of a scary true story to frighten Olly to see his doctor.

I have a cousin and when he was in his 20s he ignored problems in his scrotum .  He eventually , after a very long time of worrying, went and sought medical advice, and had to have his testicle removed, underwent months of therapy, lost all his hair and in fact is very lucky to be alive.  He should have gone to see his doctor as soon as he noticed any abnormal.  He is now 40, does not have the best of health due to all the chemo and radio therapy and is highly unlikely ever to father a child.  He did have his sperm frozen and had to pay for the service and was told that there was no guarantee that the frozen sperm would be viable.

The moral of this story is to seek medical advice as soon as possible.  Any abnormality caught at an early stage has a better prospect of treatment.
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