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does human growth hormone increase penis size?

i have a question does hgh increase penis size.
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I NEED INFO. i have i a really "small" problem and im embaresed. i basically endowed like a pack of life savers. (about 3 inches on a good day) i really never had a problem with it before because i had always joked about it, but recently a girl literaly laghed in my face when she saw it and i need a solution...
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i have a similar problem.  how old r u?

from what i have read online testosterone can increase penis size during puberty only, once you have gone through puberty there is no way to increase the size of the penis with hormones.

i have an appointment scheduled later this month to get my hormone levels evaluated because i have "hypogonadism" that is my testicles are small and my penis is also smaller than average, you should prob do the same.  Let me know if this helps.
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For god sake you superficial guys! Regardless of your penis size you can find a women and develop a long and fulfilling relationship. My penis is only 6 to 6.5 inches erect and 5 inches in circumference. I am reasonably intelligent and am working on a Master’s degree. Here is the funny thing…my wife is much smarter, better looking, and makes more money then I ever could dream of. I am good looking but  won my wife over through orgasms and personality. Over and over and over again,uhhhhhh!. Obviously personality, and good looks are important attributes, however the only true way to a women’s heart is through their ***** holes and into an orgasm. Unless you can do this you are ******! Even if you are making mid six figures and possess a nine inch dangler…then you will be ****** after alimony when she finds a man that can get her off. Refute this? Check out a recent study released by a top 50 university regarding paternity in the US. Using DNA testing dating back to four generations (dead and alive) 40 Percent of  four generations of men within a given family had at least one child that was not theirs.  DNA does not lie....and the woman are obviously not pleased. Take it from a man who has had sexual relationships with over 40 women multiple times by the age of 20. All with a 6 incher! Oh, instead of worrying about if HGH increases your penis size (three friends say yes..1/2 inch, 1inch and 1.5 inch respectably.) worry about getting a women to climax.

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well said ! well well  lol x x
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try tribulus its a weight lifting suppliment that they use also for get bigger size reactions.  Also if you work out your strength will increase like crazy nothing for definition but good mass builder.  Also It is an herb so its all natural and it wont hurt you like HGH will thats like a steriod
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i think you should do any check up medical.
for your penis, coz it needs to be evaluated first
i think testosteron hormon do not help anything
just makes you baldheaded.
almost not influencing anything.
no effect.

i consumed it last time.
and it made me get dizzy after take the testosteron pills.

so surgarical the only solution.
by putting a silicon or something.
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i am 15 and my penus is 6inch to 6.5 erect and i dont no if that is small is it?
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No it isn't small - average is 5 -> 6.  But please, if you need help make your own topic.  
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i have 5 to 5 and a half on a good day im going to start a jelqing routine and increase my hgh levels i have a goal to make it 8 inches in 3 months
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i was wondering what would be the affect of applying a testoterone or hgh creame to your penis
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as far as my concern, You can increase penis size without surgery buy taking some herbal natural penis pills also. There are some penis enlargement products available on market. You can take these after proper research and there sucess rate.  vigrx is the most known penis pills these days. so you can take it from trusted online store. I can give you one site shytobuy.co.uk. I hope this pill will make your penis big and bigger so you can enjoy your sexual life...:)
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No. HGH doesn't increase the size of your penis, its effects are more anti-aging like increasing libido, energy, muscle gain, as ******* pointed out it aslo helps to increas wound healing, but penis growth...no.
For more info read this article on HGH
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