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erection dyfunction

I am 19 years old boy. When I was wake up before month ago, I tried to pull down my erected penis. Now I have erection dysfunction. what should I do? Please help
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Hi, Dear Brockx
You should be much better by now. don't worry
My Uncle did the same pulling when he was about your age and his penis kind sounded brocken and turned into blak!.
He was hospitalize for few days and nurses were changing his prnis bandage  daily .
In his first day He became the most famouse and popular pationt in the hospital.
I remeber all he had to do was laying down and leting nerses carefully put some ointment on his penis and changing the bandage softly.
Eventually darkness disappired and penis came back to life, so please don't worry
You would be fine and stronger than before
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When you pulled down on it, did it hurt?

You definitely need to see a doctor. Always rule out the physical first.

Let us know what happens.
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Posting for a member with technical difficulties:  Answer---  A lot of young guys go through this, believe it or not.  https://www.healthline.com/health/erectile-dysfunction/young-men#treatments  You are going to have to tell your doctor.  They'll rule out a medical reason such as heart issues, diabetes, and check your hormone levels.  If you are overweight or obese, that can also cause it.  If it is not related to an underlying issue like that, then it is likely psychological.  Stress can cause this.   You aren't taking any new medicine also, they'll check that.  If it is psychological, seeing a therapist can help.  Lifestyle changes.  Working to reduce stress.  
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and smokers can also have difficulties.
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