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erection problem.. TIP

i really need help... whenever i do sex with my girlfriend i do not get reasonable erection. can somebody give me any tip what to do before doing sex to get good erection,. something to eat. ( NOT MEDICINE ) . any exercise etc.  
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How to Cure Impotence?

Impotence is the abnormal functioning of the penis during the sexual activity. When a man fails to attain the erection or sustain the erection necessary for the sexual intercourse he is said to be impotent. The main cause of the impotence is found to be the inadequate blood supply to the penis during the sexual copulation. The blood supply to the penis is guided by the two enzymes i.e. cyclic guanoyl monophosphatase (cGMP) and phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5).  The enzyme cGMP is responsible for the increasing the blood supply to the penis after the sexual stimulation and the enzyme PDE-5 is responsible for the cutting off the blood supply once man reaches the orgasm. If the concentration of the enzyme PDE-5 increases then the blood supply to the penis is reduces which results into erectile dysfunction or impotence.     Impotence previously was considered as incurable, but due to the advances in science we are able to cure the impotence. So, here are the treatments that will help you to cure the impotence problem.

1. Daily workout:

Daily workout is considered to one of the easiest way to overcome the problem of impotence. If you are suffering with the impotence then start doing the workout regularly and in few days you would be able to see positive results.

2. Inflatable Implants

The most expensive treatment with the lots of risk involved. This treatment is not advisable. In this treatment, a pump in placed in scrotum, two cylinders are placed in penis, and a reservoir is placed in the cylinders or separately below the tissues of the lower abdomen. This all parts function together and give you the erection. But, rate of failure is quite high in this treatment.    

3. Balanced diet:    

Even taking a balanced diet regularly can improve the functioning of the penis. If you are having any of the bad eating habits please give them up. Men who take the adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals in their diet don’t face the problems of impotence.

4. Drugs    

Oral drugs are found to be best medication on the erectile dysfunction. generic Viagra [ kamagra ,caverta, sildenafil citrate], generic Cialis [ apcalis ], and Levitra are found to be the doctor’s and customer’s choice all over the world. These are found to be most effective against the erectile dysfunction. Side-effects of these drugs are headache, temporary changes in the vision, and nasal congestion. Heart attacks were also found in 1% of the users.

5. Penile Injection Therapy

This therapy includes the injecting the drugs in liquid form directly into the penis. TriMix, Alprostadil, papaverine are the most common drugs injected in the penis to treat erectile dysfunction. Success rate observed is 90%.    

6. Hormonal Therapy

Lower concentration of the testosterone is found in majority of men suffering from the erectile dysfunction. But erectile dysfunction can not be treated by increasing the level of testosterone. So, levels of testosterone are increased in combination with some other treatment of erectile dysfunction to show the good results.     With the help of the above mentioned treatments you would be able to cure the impotence problem, but please contact your doctor before using any of the above treatments.
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nothing much is going to help you get an erection better than cialis or viagra, if you cant get hard thinking of sex or fantasizing, then you should see a doctor, your getting older, some cancers or stds can cause antiorgasmia or the ability to get hard, you should really get a physical and the pills may be in your best interest, if you dont want medicine its obvious your not that interested in having sex, so maybe you shouldnt have it at all, but excercising may get you an erection, but i dont know for howl ong so excercise right before you have sex and hurry, but thats a bit stupid, just see your doctor, and to the man above, DO NOT MASTURBATE! AND DO NOT EJACULATE!, you will have no erection after!
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Masterbate once before going to sex.That will help you a lot.
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