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faint vibrating/buzzing/spasm in penis

For the last week or so now I have had a very slight, high-frequency vibrating sensation in my penis (it feels like it is in my urethra, from about the base of the glans to the base of the penis).  It feels like varying degrees of the following sensations:

- a cellphone vibrating in my pocket
- a stream of fluid flowing through the urethra (without the sensation of exiting the glans)

It is not usually constant, but is rhythmic, that is, will come and go in intervals...  much like a pulse or breathing, but it does not coincide with either.  The rhythm varies, sometimes 1 second on and 1 second off; sometimes a few seconds of vibrations and a few second of stillness, and sometimes the vibrations are more constant, with slight variances in intensity (though always low intensity).  It is neither painful nor pleasurable but is annoying.  It is not associated with any other symptoms whatsoever: no discharges or skin, urine, or semen discolorations; no changes in consistency of urine, semen, or stool; no direct decrease in sexual function, although I am concerned that my worrying about it will decrease my ability to perform.  The sensation is so slight that it is not noticeable when I am occupied with other activities, but it consumes me when I am still.

STDs are unlikely, as both my wife and I have never had any sexual partners other than each other.  I have experinced no trauma to my penis, groin, or other structures that I am aware of.  I am 30 years old, with no history of medical issues at all...  no UTI, STD, PNE, nothing.

Does anyone know what this could be?
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In addition, I have done some research about this problem.  Here are a few URLs that seem at least partially relevant:


So it seems I am not the only one experiencing this, but it does not seem anyone has been able to find an answer (at least not before each respective forum was closed to new comments).  Any answers (causes or treatments) or shared similar experiences would be very helpful, thanks.
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I too have recently been experiencing your exact description.  First I thought it was cell phone, and now not so sure.  I am going to see a doctor this week to maybe get an MRI, or find out something.

Have you gotten any answers on these feelings?
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Please post a message after you go to the doctors!

Funny, the exact description (it feels like a cell phone vibrating in your pocket) is how I also have described it.

It seems more constant right now and yes, I drove an hour to work with the phone between my legs, so if it rang (and it's always on vibrate) I feel it.

It bothers me most at night, when I am trying to fall asleep.  Like someone above had mentioned, during activity your barely notice it.

So, has anyone got any answers?  I agree, deffinetely not an STD are any neurological "thing" (at least I don't think so).  becuase it's not a tingling, burning or any other related feeling, it's simply a wierd vibration!
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concernedperson3 started a new thread on this forum entitled "Vibration sensation in penis" on 08/06/2006, where we have kinda moved this discussion to.  You can find both of our most recent updates there.  Please add to the discussion.  How old are you?  How long have you been dealing with this?  Have you gone to see anyone about it yet?  Hope to hear more from you soon!
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I have recently begun to have the same experience.
I'm 42, fit and healthy with a normal sex life.

Recently, for the last 3 months, I've been thinking my cell phone is going off in my front pants pocket, but it isn't. Instead, I'm having a vibration sensation, that is rythmic, on the top of  my glans. It feels like my clothing is vibrating slightly. It is happening now, as I type this.

I have a hunch that it is somehow related to my bladder - perhaps a rythmic movement of water waste into my bladder.

It is always in the same spot. Always rythmic. Sitting or standing. I wear briefs and dress pants and have for 25 years. I don't always notice it and it isn't always there. But it is definately real.

I have no idea what this is.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences.  I would like to encourage you to visit the other thread in this forum entitled "Vibration sensation in penis", started on 08/06/2006, as there are quite a few people there who have experienced the same thing, and are helping each other out.  As for myself, after a month now, I have been vibration free for the past three days or so.  You can read more about my progress in the other thread, as well as a few others.  Please add to the discussion!
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