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fishy smelling semen
Not being able to reply to the other topics on this, I wanted to post what I have found in my research on this.

I, too, started having this fishy smelling semen only a little while after ejaculation and as others stated, it seems that if some oozes as post-ejaculate that is when it usually happens. It could possibly be a number of things but one thing is that we probably have an overgrowth of candida (yeast) in our systems. I think I got it from a girlfriend when I had oral sex with her. A few days after, I got what I can only describe as a yeast infection in my mouth. I found out that she thought she was over her yeast infection and so she didn't bother to tell me.

The other thing it could be is trymethylamuria which has to do with an enzyme that breaks down into chemicals. It will produce a foul smelly fish odor. In this case, we probably have had a body chemical change (aging?) and so it is something we just have to deal with by making sure to clean often after ejaculating. This keeps the smell from staying on you.

Ever heard how women smell fishy? It is also attributed to bacteria and how when after sex, the body temperature and bacteria in the vagina can cause the chemical reaction to cause the smell. There isn't anything wrong medically so don't worry about it but check with a doc if you have reason to believe otherwise.

I'm currently on anti-fungals and pro-biotics to try and overcome the candida overgrowth. Even my urine stinks now. Have you ever urinated and went back later to find that same smelly odor hanging in the bathroom? Well, I have and I "hope" it is because of the yeast die off.

These are the conclusions I have come to in my research and maybe you can take it up and do your own research. I hate it as bad as the rest of you as it has to be quite embarassing but women live with it so I guess we have catching up to do
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