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frequency of masturbation

hi dears. I am 23 years old and I have been mastubating since I was 12. I have recently been told that the more frequently I masturbate the more I am likely to produce unhealthy and weak semen. I genuinely can't stop myself from masturbating every two or three days. I am sexually arisen by almost every woman apart from my immediate relatives, above all film actresses. Can anyone give an honest piece of advice on how to approach this issue?
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  hi, I would recommend asking your doctor to prescribe a sexual side effect medication alike Paxil or something that will not allow sexual ejaculation. Of course make sure that these will not be permanent. I am on an anti-depressant called "Paxil" for depression however this medication keeps me abstained from masturbation. After years of use I have learned more control since my body has experienced long the habit from weaning myself away from it. I'm not asking you to feel like you're old or to experience less sexual feelings however I felt that I had to cut back on the masturbation habit as I experience drained and fatigued feelings and dark eyes approx. 72 hours after masturbating. In the meantime I am keeping and paying attention to anything that may help to change the after-effects from masturbation. I feel that people should be able to relieve themselves whenever they need to as they find a healthy  sexual relationship however it seems that I can only have the real thing or suffer the consequences from masturbation.
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thanks from your sincere reply. I will consider your recommendations.
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