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had sex , within 24hours erection problems

Hi 3 weeks ago I had sex with a new partner. Within the 24hours after sex my penis could not get erect anymore.I dont a std test for chlamydia and gonorrhea, both results were negative. I can not get erections still after this encounter, I am worried help. The girl was not good looking and I feel I maybe in shock...
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How long has it been since you could get it up? I personally never heard of any STD causing ED, especially complete ED within 24 hours. Any physical injury? Stress? And I’ve had sex before and not been able to get back up for a bit and I’ve had sex where after completion, I still have a decent erection. Your body is never consistent, like how your lifts can be good one day and poor the next. If it hasn’t been long, and there’s no reason to assume the worst, then don’t worry yourself with something like a STD that kills dicks
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it is not an std, I went to the doctors today and I had a kidney stone before and it is gone. There was traces of blood in my urine. I have a blood test this Monday too, I think it might be a UTI or another infection
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This does not sound like an STD. This is morw like. Physical trauma rather than std.
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I went to a and e because the gp takes the ****. I have a 8mm stone , could this cause weaker erections and ed? The doctor in the hospital said no but I think they just follow the book , surely the bladder and kidney etc must have a link to that area
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