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If I'm adult male not circumcised do i have to pull back my penis foreskin and wipe or dry(toilet paper) every time I urinate to prevent foreskin problems infections or Balanitis? Or just shaking it after urination is good enough? I honestly don't wipe and I never had a problem.
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No, there's no need to wipe or dry, as long as you pull back the foreskin when urinating.  This article mostly references children, but it has some good information for any uncircumcised male: https://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/care-uncircumcised-penis
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Hello sir,
5 years ago I have inserted a sex toy in my anus which is not used by anyone but when I pulled it out some(very very less) blood is appearing on the tipof toy .
Then 1 year ago i have a problem of epididymitis and than after a full treatment of two months it comes back 1 and ahalf month ago.
Is I am any risk to any viruses...
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