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help and advice required

Hi, I am 26 and in good shape. I was born with an undescended left testicle but comfortably had the operation to correct it. I have had no pain at all until now...I have recently had a blood test and a test for infection and I am all clear. I went to my GP and the GP said there wasn't anything serious to worry about and because I have had no change to my testicle in shape or size I shouldnt worry. I havent enquired about a scan yet but I wanted to ask whoever is on here for advice....Basically, I feel a bit of heaviness in my left testicle and occassional aches and light pains which doesn't seem to come from my actual testicle but from the veins above it, maybe its swollen up recently or Ive strained something during sex. Ive only really had this feeling for a month so any support opinions are required, anyone had the same feelings and/or what should I do? Im also worried about future problems like infertility for example...can anyone help? thanks
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Hi guest7,

First, I want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. We are all CP  {Chronic Pain}  Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues.

I would like to recommend that you re-post this on the Men's Health Forum. We are mainly here to deal with Chronic Pain issues and I really believe that the Men's Health Forum will be able to give you the immediate answers that you are looking for.  :)

Here's the link:


I wish you the best and hope that this will be of help to you........Sherry
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   From your details it appears to be a mild case of varicocele, which is quite common, but I wonder why your doctor did not make a mention of that. It can occur if you sit for long hours during work or do cycling or horse riding   for long. You can try relaxing daily in a leg up position and see if you get relief from pain.For mild varicocele no treatment is given, otherwise surgery is done if the pain is intense. In any case, if the pain continues, go to a urologist and get an ultrasound done to determine the cause for the discomfort and get treatment.
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Hi solace21, thanks for your reply I appreciate it. Over the last few days I have read up on varicocele and having looked at the signs and symptoms it is beginning to look like this is what I've had. Heaviness, achey feeling, discomfort, my scrotum does feel like a bag of worms at times, and there does seem to be a large (expanded vein running right through). It is causing me discomfort and honetsly its annoying me. I have been icing it is this ok? Also I am going to the GP's next week...what do you recommend I say? I am really worried about the future and what other things this may cause, does it effect my fertility? Also sorry for being a pain but I have only had this issue for the past month, how do you think I have got this? and I want to get rid of this feeling as soon as possible. Am I able to continue having sex, I have been put off from sex and masturbation for 2 weeks now because I think I will do damage. I would appreciate some additional advice....Thanks
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   You should consult a Urologist. Varicocele of testes is quite common in men and in your case since only left testicle is affected, you need not worry about infertility. As I have already mentioned, surgeries are not done for minor varicoceles and when surgery is advised, embolization  is a simpler procedure than surgery without the accompanying complications. Since you have the pains only recently, it might be due to some injury and the pain may subside of its own. In that case icing might help to temporarily relieve the pain. Icing is not a long term solution, if it is a case of varicocele. As already mentioned, while relaxing, keep the legs in a slightly elevated position and use little tighter undergarments while active during the day.
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