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help me am 14 year old

i masturbated like 5 times it fellt good i just want to what give me some tips to stop and to stop whaching porn help me pleez i only whachh porn for like 4 times it is discusting hellp me
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   Puberty is also a period of development of a part of our brain that deals with emotions. You are only fourteen and that is why you do not yet have control over the emotions. Generally, by the time you reach sixteen years, you get better emotional maturity and then you will be able to reduce the frequency as you wish. At present, just ensure that your health is not affected, eat food rich in macro nutrients, do moderate, but, regular exercise and keep doing  more of creative work and also do what is naturally interesting to you without a guilty feeling. Also ensure you do not harm your organs under emotional surges. That is all, you will be alright just like all other adolescent boys are.
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Very professional advice. All can learn from you "how to advice" You can conduct a course on How to analyze a problem and how to suggest corrective method?
I am really impressed by Deer exercises and try to advise it to almost all without analyzing individual problem.In fact, I started doing this exercise to solve my urinary frequency problem. It is about six days now.Some improvement is felt.I know there is no rationale behind this treatment. It may be considered as intuitive approach.However, I will think twice before, I advise for Male of female Deer exercise.
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Dear Dalubabaji,
              Thank you for your encouraging words, though I feel most of it does not apply to me.I am sending you a separate message, so that I do not use much space from the current thread.
With regards,
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