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help to interpret male hormone bloodwork and problems with muscle/fat

I am 5'10, 62 kilos, I am really skinny except for little bits of fat on my abdomen and back which I cannot shift. I personally think I look disabled in some way, although doctors tell me I'm "normal". I've read up about conditions like Marfans syndrome and can't help but wonder if I have something like this (I have so many symptoms; long limbs, low muscle mass, kyphosis, Pectus carinatum, Arachnodactyly, I could go on a while).

My doctors just say things like "everyone is a different shape and size" but this goes against every text I've read on bodybuilding and adding muscle. Yes we all have different genetic potential but I can't find other people who literally can't add any muscle or loose any fat unless they have some sort of medical condition. I know its dangerous and stupid to try and self diagnose, but I'm desperately looking for answers.

I've tried so many different tactics over the past 2 years, HIIT cardio, low intensity cardio, fasted cardio, different marcos, 4 day splits, 3 day splits, heavy weights, low weights, body weight only. No matter what I try, I still couldn't loose the last bits of fat or add any significant muscle. Out of total desperation to loose the last bits of fat, I even dropped to 1200 calories a day for 3 months, with 7 hours cardio a week and 6 hours of weights. I dropped to 59 kilos and you could see every single rib bone poking out, I looked seriously malnourished, but the fat was still there! I've gone the other way too, eating 3400 calories and stopping cardio for 3 months and added some 5 kilos but all in fat! Once I started the cardio again and dropped the calories to a more realistic 2400, I went back down to 62 kilos, which is where I've stayed now for the past 12 months.

I have all sorts of other issues going on too; severe lack of motivation, feeling flat, depression, anxiety, severe mood changes, constant leg cramps, massive problems with my digestive tract, aching and clicking joints, very little libido - I could go on and on.

So having felt pretty depressed and desperate and not getting any where with my doctor, I decided to buy some private blood tests to check my hormone levels and these are the results:

15.0 nmol/l
(7.6 - 31.0)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
48 nmol/L
(14.5 - 48.4)

Testosterone (Free)
6.49 pg/mL

28 pmol/l
(MALES: 28 - 156)

Cortisol (basal) 490 nmol/l
(171 - 536)

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
3.550 uIU/ml
(0.270 - 4.200)

Free T4
21.52 pmol/l
(12 - 22)

Follicular Stimulating Hormone
4.3 IU/l

Luteinising Hormone
LH 3.5 IU/l
(1.7 - 8.6)

The company that processed this has said all my readings are within "normal" ranges, but it seems so many of them are right on the boundary, and from doing some research online some of these references appear to be well outside of what is considered an optimum reading, especially for a 30 year old male! I just know my doctor will dismiss me yet again as my results are all "normal!" (I hate that word!)

I know there are so many other hormone tests out there and there's probably so many different factors at play and I appreciate I'm feeling around in the dark a bit even posting this looking for some response but trust me, I am so desperate for help. Can anyone see anything in these results? Can anyone suggest where I should be looking next or give me any tips or advice, any other tests I should consider etc, anything that might be helpful?

Sorry to bore you to death with my moaning! I am just so desperate for help! Thanks in advance if you can help me.
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