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high Prolactin level

I am 33 years old man
six months ago my sperm count was zero, I took clomiphene citrate and the count increase to 55 millions, and my testosterone level increase, but motility is just 10% after 1 hour.
1 month ago I made a test for Prolactin level and it was 700 (very high)

I started taking bromocriptine to reduce the Prolactin level .

my question is:
1- will bromocriptine increase the motility.
2-I stopped taking clomiphene citrate, will this reduce the sperm count to zero again.
3-Can I take the two drugs together (bromocriptine + clomiphene citrate).

**sorry if my English not good enough :-)
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high levels of prolactin in men and women can cause temporary impotence ,..which means that if prolactin level was decreased to the  normal values .. this increases chances of pregnancy ...you should separate the 2 tablets .. dont thake them together .. at least one hour before you take the other tablet ..
wish you a beautiful baby ...
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Hi there,
Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist. Bromocriptine therapy is useful for men with impaired sperm production which may be due to hyperprolactinemia. A lower prolactin will cause an increase in testosterone, which can lead to increase sperm production.Clomiphene is known to increase gonadotropin secretion, which, in turn, may stimulate testosterone release and improve sperm output. Hormone values need to be monitored while on this medication and one should not stop the drug unless advised. Whether these two drugs can be taken together or not depends on your medical condition and indication of use of these drugs. It is suggested to consult your attending doctor for more queries and concerns. I hope you find this information useful.
Best wishes and kind regards!
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