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hormone ranges for 41 yr old male

My primary care doc did blood tests on me months ago.  Here are the results (first number are my results; following are considered healthy ranges):

TESTOSTERONE, FREE 8.7 6.8 - 21.5 pg/mL
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 508.2 241.0 - 827.0 ng/dL
FSH 3.4 1.4 - 18.1 mIU/L
LUTEINIZING HORMONE 5.52 1.50 - 9.30 mIU/mL

Supposedly "normal" for all.  I don't know if their numbers for the normal healthy ranges are for males for any time in life, or what.  Does anyone know ranges that are age-specific?
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Your total T, FSH and LH numbers are all slightly below average for a 41 year old but the levels are OK.  Your free T is on the low end and could be causing symptoms of low T.  You may be able to improve your numbers with supplements or even by becoming more sexually active.  Stay away from hormone replacement therapy.

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Hi Bob at your age your OK for DHEA its a hormone we have in our bodys, so all you will do is boost it up, with this take some Tribulus its a herb,now both of these run along the same lines, boost your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels.
DHEA your start low 25 mgs a day and work it up to what you think you need, I'm on 75 mgs a day, but please read up about it first it can have the odd funny side effect with the odd person, anything goes wrong you just come off it.
Tribulus, you can read up about it, but I think your find its safe, it takes 8 weeks to get to full power, after 8 weeks just cut back to 5 days out of 7, and do that with both, helps to keep the power up of both of them.
Good Luck
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