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im having frequent cold, its not leaving me - help me


am having frequent cold & its not leaving me, if i sprinkled water in my head, after 5 mins i wil start to sneez & i wil gt cold & it takes a long time to leave me,

cold doesnt leave me ever, it comes very easily for me, but not for my friends, anything wrong in me?? help
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if you mean you get a common cold from water in 5 minutes it sounds more like an allergy to water.if you mean you feel cold with water on you this is normal and is the reason why we sweat to cool our bodies.
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bro.. i sweats a lot, especially my face.. if i got cold, its very hard to go, sometymz nxt day itself it wil go, but sometymz not... then i have hair in my nose, so coz of tat am sneezing, & i cuts tat,if there is any broken hair left in my nose, & if i sneezed , my cpold statred, its lyk an allergy... wat i must do... what shud i follow...

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