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inability to ejaculate

I am in my fifties and have a strange issue with ejaculation  - rather lack of it. During masturbation right around climax time I lose it (my brain switches it off) and nothing happens, After a minute or two I feel a drop or two of semen in my underwear - At one point a few years ago when this all started, it was very painful at time of ejaculation but subsequently I think my brain sensing pain turns off climax. It is almost like there is some blockage in plumbing. I don't have any prostate issues. I have seen an urologist few years ago without much progress. The pain when I had it was on the right side groin area. Am I alone to have this issue?
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Ejaculation can be very mental and yes, that could be playing a part in this if you have anxiety that it might hurt.  I would too and it can ruin the moment.  However, more broadly, inability to ejaculate is part of erectile dysfunction.  You need to discuss this with your doctor.  https://www.merckmanuals.com/home/men-s-health-issues/sexual-dysfunction-in-men/inability-to-ejaculate  The pain on the right side of your groin?  This is at the time of ejaculation (or when it is supposed to happen) or more often?
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