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is my testosterone low for my age?

alright I really want your guys input on this, my total testosterone is like 460 ng/dl, is this normal for a 20 year old, I've looked up tons of stuff about it, and my testosterone definitely looks low for my age, a normal 20 year old should be at least in the 600s, if not more. You see I had a testicle injury about 4 years ago, and immediately I felt a difference, I didn't know what it was at the time, but I have all the symptoms of low t, and im not going to call it low t, but maybe due to the testicle injury, It might have lowered my testosterone levels some, but granted I still like women and think about sex, but its just not the same definitely not as horny, before the accident I could look at a girls butt and get a erection, now I rarely get boners, unless from physical contact, another horrible thing is my memory is ****, I use to have a Fairley decent memory, but now cant remember day of the week,  , even if somebody tells me like 3 times. Another thing is my confidence, I've never been the most confident guy, but when puberty started to roll around, I definitely got more confident, I started talking to girls and socializing more, after the injury, I just didn't feel like going through the hassle of it, never had a girl friend by the way, but anyways I just don't have the same energy, I start getting tired by 4 in the afternoon, I feel my best in the morning, but use to I didn't have this tired sluggish feeling. I really think if I increased in testosterone I would feel similar to my old self, I know it wouldn't fix all my problems, but I know I would feel more like my old self, I've looked up stuff about how a average level for a 20 year old is around high 600s or around 700 ng/dl, my doctor even told me when he was my age, he was around 700 ng/dl, but he told me the 400s was okay for me, I looked up  the highest of 20 year olds have levels around 900 or 1000, but another thing is my facial hair is so patchy, I know a 20 year old beard isn't fully developed, but all the men in my family had beards, my dad had one at 20, I've seen pictures is was thick he looked like a mountain man, and me and my dad look a lot a like, so we have similar genetics. The point is im suffering so bad, my life is a wreck, I don't have a job, and I don't know if things will ever get better, im just so sad, and have thought about suicide, I don't want to commit suicide, but sometimes I just think about how I have really ****** my self up, and just want to die, im sorry guys I know you don't want to hear somebody cry about their problems, but I just want things to go back to normal, cuz I think about how people my age our having the best time of their lives right now, and how im at home feeling like old man already at 20, life is just to short for me to waste any of it feeling ******.
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Thanks for the response, I don't know what fsh or lh values are, it wasn't on my paper they gave me, the only information that was on there, was total testosterone, and sex binding hormone, the range for the sex binding hormone was 10-50 nmol/L, and I was at 30 nmol/L, I wish I could just feel the way I use to, so much more energy and vitality, as for other injured organs, I don't think, there's any other injured organs. All I know is that I felt different after the accident, not the same man, im just wondering if I could have possibly had a higher test level back then
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   Just the testosterone (T) level alone can not indicate if your level is low or not. As such there is no absolute value for T vs age and the range given by the labs is infact for young adults covering a large population base. You should evaluate T value against LH and FSH values to know if your brain considers your T value as low or high. Again, your eastrogen levels, prolactine, cortisole, thyroid and SHBG levels can modulate and influence the effects of a given T level in our body.

When you have mentioned about the injuiry of testicles, what kind of accident you were exposed to ? Is there a possibility that the accident caused injuiry to any other internal body part like liver, brain etc., affecting its performance. One of the often missed diagnosis of any accident is the internal bleeding or aneurysms that may show up as slow degradation in performance of the affected organs.

I would therefore advise you to go for a detailed health check up to diagnose the cause.

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