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jock itch and in pain

im 17/male
The skin on the front of my penis between my shaft and my scrotum is red and is really irritated. i don't see any raised bumps at all but it burns. im in a lot of pain and it feels irritated too. There's also this white/yellowish fungus like stuff that's on my pubic hairs around that area. I'm 100% sure its jock itch because i exercise a lot and i get sweaty a lot down there, but my parents are out of town right now so i cant go to a doctor.
Can someone please tell me what i can do to make it stop or at least ease the pain?
i tried baby powder but i still feel it.
please help.
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Jock itch is Tinea cruris which is a fungal infection of the groin region. A warm, damp environment allowing the fungus to cultivate greatly contributes; especially with tight, sweaty or rubbing clothing. Tinea cruris is best treated with antifungal drugs applied topically. Traditionally creams containing tolnaftate, clotrimazole or miconazole have been used, although newer agents such as butenafine are also used. Tinactin Cream is the drug Tolnaftate, so it can be used to treat it. To cure the infection naturally, keep moist and warm areas of the body clean and dry. This could be dermatitis, eczema or skin hypersensitivity too. A proper clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment.
Best luck and regards!
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   In all your description, you have not mentioned a word about 'Itch', a characteristic symptom of Jock itch and you seem to have more of pain and irritated skin. Jock itch gives an intense pleasurable itch with small pimples/rashes, quickly spreading to near by areas and not localised.Your case more looks like a local skin inflammation / infection , so that you may most likely need an antibacterial, anti inflammatory cream. I feel, it is best for you to consult a doctor as early as possible.

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