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looking young

hi there,
I am in my 30s but everying said I looked young and look like a teenager.
My brother who is in late 20s is looking more mature than me.

I am in my thin build 60kg and 172cm tall.

Is this related to low T issues?

Btw, this is not at all normal, not when you are looking like a teenager but not a teen. So please give me a more scientific explaination why. Would you like to give expert opinions to your patient looking like a teenager? So my feeling is so.

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Hi there!
I'm afraid I don't have any scientific reasons for you, sorry about that. I also have a daughter than is 30 years old and when people find out they are always shocked. She could definitely get away with being a 9th grader!
It may be irritating right now but a time WILL come when you are going to be extremely glad that you don't look your age! I would say: enjoy it while it lasts!
I hope someone will come along that will perhaps answer more of your question! I wish you well ...take care! :-)
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Hi Rand, So just how are you doing this, looking younger than you brother, well you can always say he your older brother, so great you look young, dont knock it, its in your favour, you can date young chicks and they wont know, so how bads that, so just live with it and enjoy it.
Good Luck
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I looked younger than my age for many years.  Would get asked for identification at the store to buy wine or beer when I was in my 40s.  Same thing happened to my dad when he was in his 40s, as a matter of fact.  But the age fairy does someday come, and it seems to come rather suddenly to us baby-faced types.  Sorry to say.  lol  

My dad is in his 80s and still looks good for his age, but if anyone were to guess his age, they might guess 75, not 55 or 65.  He no longer looks like the fountain of youth he once did.

Try not to worry.
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