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low testosterone (ed)

Im 18 and for the last year and a half ive been suffering with a certain degree of erectile dysfunction both with partners and masterbating as well as decreased libido, fatigue and bouts of anxiety and depression.

recent blood tests showed all hormones were in normal levels apparently, however my testorone was as low as 14 nm/l where the range is 10-27. Surely for my age this is very low I found estimates that mine should be over 20, so im curious if this could be causing my problem and any way to solve it.

ps us measurments my level equats to around 403 ng/dl
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I haven't had morning erections for years too.. I'm 33.

Probably because I pee a couple times thru out the night.

Don't touch your penis for a week and come back here with the results...

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Oh and would like to add ive never really had spontaneous erections or morning erections.
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If your level is 14, this is still normal and you should still be able to get great erections. If you were close to 27, you could still be experiencing erection issues.

Have you tried refraining from masturbation for a week to see if your erections get stronger?
Taking a couple week break on masturbation tends to do that...

Possibility your constant masturbation is keeping you satisfied, with low libido and fatigueness.

Kepp us posted!

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