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low testosterone problems

i just got my results.i will be posting some of them for you to see.
the blood test is fairly ok.
the hormonal test for the thyroid is also ok.
the other hormonal tests:
FSH 0.19 mIU/ml were normal for men is 1.0-15.0 (i am extremely low)
LH 0.07 Miu/ml were normal is 0.80-10.0 (extremely low as well)
prolactine 7.50 were normal is <18 (OK!!!)
free testosterone 2.3 were normal is 5.5-50 (too low)
biochemical tests:
everything ok exept.....
cholesterol 588 were normal is 110-230 (extremelly high)
It seems that i am having some anxiety attacks,phobias,and some times during the day(usually in the afternoon) feels like i am not good at all.my endocrinologist told me that hormones will kick up again in about 2 months and she did not gave me anything since the process will be back naturally.
is that true? can my testiles start producing testosterone again and a second question is if i will get rid of the psycological issues since she told me that this happens because of low testosterone
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your endo wants you come back in 2 months for some more testing ??where you on some type of med or something to bring your LH/FSH down so low what do you mean when you say hormones will kick up??what age are you??did you get a test for free-t and what  are the numbers.it sounds like you have a piulrary gland problem (dont know about spelling) you might want to look up hcg  i think that this could bring up your numbers and you might want to find a diffrent endo it seems to me that you should to going in for a MRI!!!421
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