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lower back

What are some causes for lower back spasms with no pain. It only seems to happen when I am relaxed and on my lower left side of my back.
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I also read that the lack of fluids and dehydration can cause the lower back spasm. It had been really hot here in Texas over the last few weeks and sweating(a lot) had been a real problem for me. So I began drinking more water and the spasms went away. I was concerned because I am diabetic and didn't want to run into kidney issues. Thank you.
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Muscle spasms can be seen due to muscle injury commonly. Over straining of muscles, incorrect postures all can cause lower back spasms. Deficiency of nutrients and electrolyte imbalance are few other possible causes. Few other causes are a reflex phenomenon from irritated deeper structures, including torn ligaments, infections, tumors, or chronic disc irritation or herniation.Adequate rest and cold compressions with ice may help in relieving the spasm. Over the counter medications can also help relieve pain and swelling. A clinical examination and investigations like back X-ray may be helpful. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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