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lump in groin

i have a hard lump with a sore on it in the groin area in the inguinal section the sore seems to close up and open a little. The lump is about the size of a walnut, or rubber ball. Some research shows that it could be an abscess, but i dont remember getting cut or anything and it just appeared. it hurt for a little while. and there is some pus, it looked like it was going away and the sore was painful for a few days. any help would be appreciated.
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I just had one of these drained last night... it most likely is an abscess... any emergency room or family physician should be able to drain it... I will tell you that it's very painfull and I personally have a slight tremor in my right leg.  (the abscess was on the right side of my groin).  I went to my local emergency room yesterday because it was bleeding and leaking nasty puss.  After waiting 8 hours I finally got in and got it drained.  Every 48 hours I have to go and get the mesh gauze that they put inside the abscess hole changed.  The mesh is what helps close the hole once the abscess is drained... the doctor who drained mine said that she gets at least one of these a month and that they are normally caused by an ingrown hair.  the fact that it is as large as it is means that you have had it for awhile... if you think you can handle the pain of getting it drained do so, otherwise you will be in constant agony from it just being there....
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