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lump on inner thigh

I notices a lump on my inner thigh (left) its about 1-2 inches below my actual groin. I dont recall an exact amount of time I have had this lump, but I can tell you there is no pain. I sometimes feel some throbbing my leg, but its not due to overworking or stress.  About a year ago I was very physiclly active (I worked out at least 4 days a week) and I was preforming leg presses with pretty heavy weight.  But I didnt really notice it then, and if I did have it, I attibuted it to my qork out.  Funny but there is no pain.  I can touch it and actually put put my fingers around it. At first I thougth it was a large vein but I could not find anything in any anotomy books that could be closely related to what I have.  Before I go to the Dr., and there is nothing really stopping me, other than I dont seem to have any problems with it, have any idea what they think it might be???
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