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lumps under armpit

i began having this lump under my pit after using my bros. deodorant for about4 weeks. i stopped using his and bought a new one but same brand. still i began to get another lump. i completely stopped using deodorant for about 8 weeks and used baby powder but still i kept getting bumps. i never got two at the same time. one will come up and go away then another will rise. they are not really visable but if u feel the pit u can touch em'. one wont last more than a week. i have gotten 5 already. they suggested that it was cysts or abssess'. but i believe that they are swollen lymphs. how would i know if they are swollen lymphs, cysts or abssess??? the bumps are smaller than the head of a nail and are not too deep in the skin, yet they dont pop out like pimples do or as red. please help!!!!
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Still getting them? Lymph glands are much deeper than that. If it were a lymph, for lack of a better way to describe it, would feel more "muscular". Did you ever get strep throat and the lymph glands swelled in your neck? If really bad step can extended to arm pits and groin area too. Very painful, not that cysts aren't. Cysts can be compared to a ingrown hair type feeling. Like if you squeezed it, it might come out. Don't try it, it will bring tears to your eyes and won't come out. It is deeper than a zit and the contents are usually hard. A dr can cut it out. If they go away on their own, I wouldn't let him cut.
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ok no i feel much better about this. so in other words, if they were swollen lymphs i would defenetly know huh! ya well im still getting them, and it seems like they will not go. i have had strep throat but havent gotten it this year or last year. i guess i get if every other year. i know it has nothing to do with that. so when should i go to the doctor? or if i get more than one at the same time is that bad? i just started using a new deodorant see how it goes. thanx again =)
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ok...My friend introduced me to a deoderant called Crystal Rock.  It is completely chemical free and the bumps I had under my arms that i could not describe for you because I never noticed them until they ent away, are gone since about a week after I started using it.  
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I had 2 under one arm and a gigantic one under the other at the same time. I couldn't put my arms at my sides it hurt so bad. After 2 days w/o Mitchum they were on their way to being gone. I did go to dr because I didn't know what it was. He made me feel silly for coming in and said change deodorant, come back if dont go away and he'd cut out. Ugh
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I am experiencing similar problems as tina1111 with three or four painful bumps under one armpit and a couple under the other and I am also using mitchum deodorant.  i have been off of it for two days and I am waiting to see if this makes a difference.
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AHH, i just got a bump under my right armpit. I was working on and when i went to stretch my armpit hurt really bad. So i felt my armpit and there was a small bump!

Any info on this would help me out!
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i have probably the simular problem because i just used my deodorant like this friday and now i started having a lump but its been going on for a 2year and it could be more than just my deodorant plase HELLLLLP!
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