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male sex drive

My husband has a very strong sex drive. We have a great sex life and marriage. He is very honest with me about his attraction feelings toward other woman. We've experimented with other partners together. How can I overcome my jealousy issues? I know he loves me to death and our family. He says it's just a sex thing like an animal instinct. When we talk about it feel fine with the threesome idea, but I still feel jealous. I don't want to feel jealous everytime I see him near another woman.
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I would not get into this , It seems fun but someone always gets hurt. You need to stop this before it's to late. You love each other now it's time to give up other people. I really don't like to see this happen. It's fun yes don't get me wrong I'm turned on by it to but I know it will hurt how I feel so I make the choice not to do this. You need to make a chioce you can't be ok with it and then feel bad that doesn't go. If your mad then your not really ok with it stop acting like it's ok and do how you feel and stop please. Please go to help.com and sign up there it helps with love,sex, realtionships, It's more non med stuff more life you know what I mean. Ask on there ok. I'm a member look me up. I'm Miss???????23. See you there I hope.
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Hi,You cannot get over it for if you could you would have already,since you and him have been doing this.You either make up your mind to stay in this life style or get out of it.As for myself I would get out,seems to me this is all your relationship is base on trading,sharing,are having someone else in you sexual acts.It is a very shallow relationship that will end much sooner,than you think!
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We have a great marriage with several wonderful children. We are very happy together. And we only tried the threesome twice. He just feels attracted to other women and i'm jealous. i want to overcome my jealousy.i know how much he loves me, that's not the problem.
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Does your husband know about you feeling jealous? What does he say about it?
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sexual views are so very different w/ everyone....i view it as a very private and intimate closeness I share w/ my husband and no one else.  He feels the same.  It sounds like you and your husband do not share the same views on sex.  Which like another person said, is not good.  Someone will get hurt.  If you already feel this way and he doesnt, sounds like youare already hurting.  I wish you well.
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yes, he knows about my jealousy. he wants to help me. he tells me how much he loves me and would never leave me. and i know all that is true. he says he can't help being attracted to women. i can understand that men have stronger sexual hunger than women, that's why i posted on the men's health side, because some women don't like to hear this. i feel attracted to women also, so i can understand it. but i don't think about it all the time like he does. i just don't want to feel jealous about it.- this is a small part of our relationship, we have a very full and wonderful life together. so i'm not stressed over it, i would just like to let go of those negative feelings.
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