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I starter with Androgel 1 month ago, and now my levels went down 75 points doctor prescribed two pumps , I am now even more tired and weak than when I started; in my first three weeks, I felt great. now. I just get worse day by day seems like. appreciate any replies.
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Sorry you feel so crummy.  One thing that can happen during testosterone therapy are breathing problems while you sleep or sleep apnea. I think it normally happens when on for awhile but since you mention fatigue and being tired, this came to mind. In the off chance that is the case, you'd want to know about it.  I would talk to your doctor about this most definitely. I do think the therapy works for a lot of men but I would talk to your doctor about what you are experiencing. Plain old fatigue is something others have experienced on testosterone therapy.  Not a ton but some.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/mens-health/is-testosterone-therapy-safe-take-a-breath-before-you-take-the-plunge  Take a look at this article and I'd just discuss how you feel with your doctor and if they think you should stick with it or not.
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