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man boobs developing :(

hi all  i m a male..i hav been sexin a lot past 6 months .. sleeping n eating thats it

i go to gym last year. since then no excersise

now i have developed lil man boobs jus from past month ..i mean my niples are loosened up n woa they are lil boobs :O

i m not fat < no waistline fat no other fat ..jus lil booobies

how can i reform them to chest again :O
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oh yes i m slim n 21 year old
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plz any1 how can i reduce them without physical efforts :/
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   It is clearly due to lack of physical activities, combined with lack of balanced food intake, which inturn builds up fat tissues, which start converting testosterone to estrogen, which reduces testosterone further, increasing more of fat deposits.You need not go to gym, but you can do moderate exercise like walking, running, swimming, playing games etc. Nature has made man's body to be kept active always.Excess fat intake and lack of control on the quality and quantity of food further complicates the issue.


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ty solace

i m going to hit 2moro :)

n will continue to do it
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You may be getting too much estrogen or hormones. This is mainly in processed or fast foods. Once you cut down, they will revert to normal. Also, look at the labels of certain shampoos. Anything with Sodium Laureth Sulfate (although most shampoos have this) has estrogen. But please do some research on Sodium Laureth Sulfate before quitting.
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