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mastutrbate, curve penis


I am 28 year old. I have been doing masturbate from tyhe age of 15 year. Now i my penis got curved towards left side.whether  this is caused by masturbate or not. plz let me know.

I am soon going to marry. will i be able to enjoy my normal sex life in future?

I am worried highly.

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Hard to say if this curvature is congenital or otherwise, unless you tell us how long since you first noticed the curvature.  If it has been there since around childhood, then it's probably nothing to worry about, as it is congenital.  Most penises are a little crooked, few are completely straight.

On the other hand, it could be caused by scar tissue caused by micro-trauma to the penis caused by too much (brutal) masturbation... could be.  I, too, noticed a slight curve in my penis after injuring it slightly awhile back.  But the curvature comes and goes.  I notice it more when my penis is semi-erect, but when fully erect it's almost unnoticeable.  I think there are ways to correct it, I'm not sure.
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By the way, buddy, from the fact that you began your question with "sir," I gather that you think you're talking to doctors.

Sorry, pal, but we're NOT DOCTORS.  We are regular Joes just like you.  We wish we were doctors, we wish we were talking to doctors, we wish there were more doctors out there in general, but, sadly, this is not the case.  I, for one, am a student.  I'm not even a science student, heck, I steer clear of that stuff.


But it doesn't mean what we say here is bogus.  There are some good tips in this forum.  What I said above about curvature... you can trust that.
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chawra is from india, i guess. it is one of the way to address someone.
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my age is 22 years.I have c-shaped peinis, please help me to get it straight. which doctor i should consult.
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