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If my Testosterone level is 178/ml should i go on replacement therapy?
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My husband's MD says there are many reasons to use testosterone therapy besides sex.  He has a very strong sex drive and gets erections with Viagra or Levitra.  Elevating your testosterone to normal levels improves cholesterol, heart and bone health--so I am told.  I suggest you discuss it with your doctor.  If you are concerned about a low sex drive or erectile dysfunction it will also help that.  I wish you well.
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Thanks I am seeing a Dr. and he has first started me on clomid, to try to restart my system, but the next step is replacement therapy.  I feel tired and depressed all the time and just do not have the pep in my step that I use to have.  the reason I aked the question is that I have been reading on here that some say that if you go on the HRT then you will have to stay on it for life.  Which doesnt bother me unless for some reason there should come a time when I cant get it.  
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