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muscle pain/ fatigue, muscle spasms, cramps, testicular atrophy????

A bit about my selfI was a bodybuilder,  I'm 22 years old, been lifting since I was 16, make pretty good money, pretty stress free. Never have used gear (steroids), or any type of peds (not yet at least) during the off season, about a year and a half ago I bulked up to about 200 lbs, I started having a lot of pain and weird medical issues. first I noticed how many calories I needed for me to get to that size, it was odd and not uncommon for me to consume about 8000 calories a day to put on some weight. I was still in very good shape around 195, still had visible abs etc... once I hit 200  then I started having libido issues, could not get a erection to save my life, as well as having some testicular shrinkage. I lost so much muscle mass rapidly, I couldn't keep it on to save my life. I was also having severe lower back pain and muscle spasms and cramps on every portion of my body. Went to the doc they thought I had unbalanced electrolytes but came back normal. they found my kidney enzymes, as well as liver enzymes to be very elevated, as well as bilirubin (gallbladder). I had gallstones, so they took my gallbladder out and things seem to have gotten worse. I still have testicular shrinkage, but no longer have any type of E.D. my bilirubin is still slightly elevated (1.9) My liver enzymes and kidney enzymes are back to normal. I still have muscle spasms and cramps constantly throughout my body. I have what seems to be carpal tunnel ( painful to grip any weight, loss of grip strength , tingling in forearms etc..) but emg came back normal. My legs also seem to get very cold for some reason but the rest of my body is not. It is also very painful for me to train, I can barely bench 135 without feeling extremely sore. My upper chest and shoulders are constantly sore. I haven't trained legs in about 8 months because they take about 3 whole weeks to recover. I can barely walk for a week whenever I train em. they almost feel as if the only thing giving me a pump while training is lactic acid, I definitely do not get pleasant feeling pumps whatsoever. I get fatigued very quickly, I also do not get a type of pump its more of a soreness. I have seen cardiologists, neurologists, Urologists, gastrointestinal dr's and no one seems to know the issue. all tests have come back normal. (added a pic of myself at around 190)

(edited) one thing I do notice is my muscles stay very flat, no matter if I eat 400 grams of carbs in a day, even during training they are constantly flat. its also very hard for me to gain any type of muscle at all.

have had
tsh (normal)
cbc (normal)
liver and kidney function (normal)
emg (normal)
ekg (normal)
free testosterone and total (786)
Lh 5.5
Fsh 2.9
Prolactin 13.2
vitamin b-12 (normal)
lyme disease test (normal)
chlamydia/ gonorrhea (negative)
ultrasound post gallbladder removal (kidney and liver - normal)
hepatic function - normal
metabolic panel - (normal)
back and neck xrays -(normal)
Oxidized LDL normal
Blood pressure/ cholesterol are normal

I'm sure ive done more tests which I'm forgetting. But if anyone can help me out in pointing me in the right direction id be greatly appreciated!!!
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