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my entire body itches me profusely when i sweat

it started five years ago, anytime i sweat and it dries my body itches me but once i bath it becomes normal till i sweat again. sometimes it causes rashes on my body if i do not bath. the itching started from just my genitals and has now spread through my entire body even inside my mouth and my eyes itches when sweat. For the first four years it was just itching but now i've been having body pains, indigestion and heart burns, and severe neck pain. i really don't know what's wrong with me, please help
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So, sweat contains salt which may be irritating your skin.  Have you considered seeing a dermatologist for this?  
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There is a condition called cholinergic urticarial (I've had it myself for years) where sweating is accompanied by itching.  Sometimes this is accompanied by raised broad light pink bumps - especially if you scratch it. In some people it comes & goes.  The causes are not always known, and what is presumed to be the cause varies.  In some, it's a plethora of mast cells in the skin that are stimulated in that individual, by the same physiologic process that causes one to sweat.  (That's where the term "cholinergic" got added. "Urticaria" is a term referring to the itching part.)

2 other possibilities are allergies - specifically to soaps or to something one eats and finds its way into the sweat glands and induces contact allergy on the skin.

If this is a problem, one way to attempt to remedy it would be to cease using perfumed laundry soaps and body soaps.  Perfuming agents are often the culprit.  You may experiment to see if something in your diet could be the cause but that requires a lot of trial & error.

A visit to an allergist may (or may not) be a useful means of  revealing an allergic cause (just ask for a skin test for allergens).
What about the other symptoms
They may or may not be directly related.  Some of those symptoms sound like a food (or medication) allergy.  Exercise can set off mast cells in some people, and mast cells release histamine.  If you are taking any herbals I'd quit those - for starters.    

As for the pain and heartburn, that needs to be addressed by a competent doctor.  I don't know how old you are, but....Heartburn can be angina!
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