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natural blood pressure supplements to replace meds

Im a 55 male that is active and in relative good shape for my age. I've been trying to get off my blood pressure meds for the last couple of years by using multiple natural supplements from beets, etc. None of these seem to be working after using them 3-5 weeks. I do eat pretty clean on occasion will eat fast food on vacation. etc. Is there a counter active process of which my losartan (50mg) and amlodipine (10mg) are working against the natural supplements? I have stopped my meds and taken only bp supplements but bp is still elevated. I do take on a daily basis D3,zinc,quercetin,a multi vitamin, turmeric,a small drop of iodine, nitric oxide several times a week before a work out and a probiotic digestive pill. I Do feel good during the day of working and working out and i sleep fairly well for my age. Im begining to think that once you start on these bp meds it hard to get off them. Ive also wean off my meds as I'm doing the natural supplements but bp still elevated. When im on just my meds bp is stable. Im just concerned about long term affects of these meds. ive been on these for about 7 years. I just had a physical and all my other numbers are really good Do you have any suggestions? thanks Roger
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I have genetic high blood pressure. I tried a lot of things. Still kept rising. For me, it is tied to my weight. And keeping myself as thin as I was at 25 just isn't reality (I'm a girl who likes to eat). I fought it. Oh, how I fought it. I eventually went on Losartan. My blood pressure went straight down and I actually without trying had weight come off (the same hormone that causes the blood pressure issues hangs onto weight, so inhibiting it affected both my doctor told me). Anyway, weight management is the only thing that impacted my bp (along with, I should say, cardio exercise to exercise my heart. That also took some time but has a positive effect). Why do you want to get off your medication, if I may ask?
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How high are we talking?

This is a fairly decent article on different supplements that may help, but it's really important to note that there is not a lot of evidence to show that these work. Limited studies have been done, and even supplements have side effects.


There are certainly risks with any medication. Have you talked with your doctor about your concerns? Is there a possibility about the benefits outweighing the risks? That's something you and your doctor could discuss, as well.
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