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natural height increase??????

Hi, i am currently 5"5' and i am beginning to feel bad about my height. Ever since i was young people have been joking about mi height and up untill i was 12 i used 2 get upsset about it.

Since then when people have been joking about it i would turn n say a better joke just to show that im not bothered. i used to think that i would have a growth spurt to become a more average height. But now the closer i get to being of that age when we no longer grow any more i realise im still going to be short.

It doesnt help that the fact that everyone i know mi age is at atleast 4 inches taller than me. and when i get the **** taken out of me its begining to upset me again as i have had to put up with it all my life.

but THE MAIN REASON I AM WRITING is to see if anyone knows any way to increase growth naturally i.e no supplements or just to stimulate mi pirtuirty ( soz bout tha spellin) gland 2 produce the hormone??

by the way my GP was considering GH injections a few years back but decided against it due to the fact that he thaught i may have a hell of a growth spurt

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hi, there is no way to increase height .at 5.5 you are not short by any means ,your gp would not give you hormones at that height either they only give if you are below 4 10 i did look into it . you should not be to conserned about it women do like short men too ! my hb is 5.2 and never had a problem with it and i find it more attractive being only 5.1 myself ! welcome to munchkin land haha ! sorry its somthing you will learn to accept and when the right girl comes along you will not be bothered . good luck x x  
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