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nil sperm count

my husband sperm count has come out to be nil.His FSH is 17.He is 31 years old and otherwise a healthy male.
We have not done biopsy yet.can anybody tell whether this condition can be reversed naturally?
through alternate therapy or anything else?

Please help
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What is the cause of his oligospermia? If the cause is known then medical or surgical intervention may be effective. Empirically many medical approaches have been tried for treating this condition like using clomid, tamoxifen, vitamin E, testosterone, vitamin C,antioxidants, etc. A deficiency in zinc, selenium, vitamin B-12, folate and antioxidants has a negative impact on the quality of men’s sperm. L-Carnitine and acetyl-L-Carnitine are believed to increase the motility of sperm, by helping the transformation of fatty acids into energy. Avoid stress, alcohol and smoking. It is best to consult a doctor and get your doubts clarified before taking any medication. Hope it helped.
Take care and regards!
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thanks for reply..we have seen the doctor and they are not able to diagnose the cause of this..they asked questions about piles,stress,trauma,drinking habits etc but everything is fine and his testestorone level is also fine..all blood
reports are firn for LH,T4,estrogen,testesterone,tsh..only FSH is higher.Otherwise is a healty person and quite fit.All they have to say is go for testescular biopsy and if sperms are there then we can go for IVF.But no cure and no reason.
We are trying soem ayurvedic medicines and accupuncture,wanted to know if this can be treated or IVF is only option?(if sperms are found in biopsy)
Also is  FSH 17 that high whic would indicate sperms are not present in body?
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Considering your age to be below 30 years, I would advise you to take little time before deciding on the route of biopsy and IVF, and do more testing to find out what may be causing his azoospermia. Are his tesicles of normal size and did/does he have any complaints about them, like pain, swelling etc? If any specific reason can be found, like varicocele for eg., solution would be easier.

You should visit a good fertility clinic near you, normally they do all initial tests and give you the best advice. In India, even allopathy doctors first give a try for herbal medicines before deciding on a biopsy of the testes to avoid its possible complications. Many times these medicines and change of life style help to improve the sperm count.

In case you are trying alternative medicine directly without the advice from your urologist, do make sure that you go to ONLY qualified doctors in the field, and, may be after six months of treatment, do a repeat semen analysis to find out the effectiveness of the treatment.

Given below is a link that discusses details regarding management of one form of azoospermia , I suppose your doubt regarding high FSH is answered there.


Good luck and please keep us posted about your progress.

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thanks a lot for information.But our problem is that we have consulted 3 allopathy doctors and NONE of them suggested us any tests to know the root cause of this azospermia.ALL of them had biopsy and IVF to offer.
And we dont want to go for this path right away.
Can you please suggest any doctor in and around Delhi who atleast can try to diagnose the problem.I tried 3 best doctors but no good.

also for herbal also ,i did my best to look on net for best doctors but i am still not sure.Can you please give me some reference of possible.
My husband has no problem of pain or selling in testes.We dont ave any problem in sex also,that is pretty normal.
What tests we can get done to diagnose the root cause

Thanks a lot for reply again
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