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no beard

sir i am 20 years and i have no beard in my face.i am feeling very sadness .many people ask me this type question but i have no answer for this.sir please help for growing beard on my face.

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hey bud just letting you know as a guy who can grow a beard, its a pain having to shave everyday i would rather not be able to grow a beard lol i envy you!
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Hey ther bud ,my advice for you is to check your androgen levels. They could be low, resulting in no or very less male charastiristics(e.g. In your case no beard growth) check it with your doctor
Good luck!
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If you are Asian or of Asian decent. (Meaning your parents or one or two grandparents were, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or similar) you more than likely will have trouble growing a beard or moustache. If you are not of Asian culture then ask your father when he started growing a beard. Often it is genetic.
My ex-husband didn't get any bum-fluff (as we call it!) till he was mid 20's and he is an Australian!
If it really worries you, go to the doctor and get your hormone levels checked. You might be low on testosterone.
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