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hi all, i have a sex problem with my  guy who is 47,im 39, we get on very well except he never wants sex , it was good at first but i noticed over a good few months it was always me making the move on him, we spoke about it but he just said he was tired. i let it go but months went in until we had a huge argument and he said he would go to a doctor. as he can get an erection himself the doc said he couldnt help but would refer him to a therapist. if i give him oral sex he doesnt even touch me at all. it makes me feel so unwanted, he isnt having an affair or is he gay. my friends say i should dump him but i dont want to. i think this problem has been ongoing with him for years, he just doesnt have a sex drive, its like his libido has vanished. friends tell me he was a bit of a ladies man years ago. he has 2 kids who are grown up, he smokes, plays golf bout 4 times a week, so he isnt totally unfit. but why doesnt he want me? please help as its so  upsetting. we are still waiting on therapist appointment.
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Imagine there is nothing to worry about, I guess your swit husband is just suffering from certain psychological torture, 1.) May be he has no feelings on you and he is seeying someone out there taking care of him  than you, OR your man might have been relieying on sex drive drugs (BOOSTER) without proper consultation from the doctor for along time without your knowledge...2.) Another reason might be you..WHY? Because nowdays we do have certain toxic family contraceptive drugs that can affect  a man through you as a wife when it gets in the blood circulation system thereby diminishes the sex libido feelings...Check Out...3.)Sex is all about relaxation and brain drive thing,,,so if your man is always having stress...Darling Sex can't be easy in that situation...4.) For how long did your husband began smoking? Remember the smoke dirtifies blood system and weakens the body muscles, and also kills the oxytogens that sends signals  to the brain to react to the opposite sex hence  stopping body reactions towards another...SOLUTIONS..Ask your husband whether he had been using Sex booster drugs before and consult the doctor...Also try to look much sexier than before (EXPOSE)..Your husbands' gun is your doll..Hold it and play with it the moment you are on Bed to see any reactions...Stop using toxic contraceptives you aren't sure of...and Improve the diet darling for your husband especially sex stimulant meals for your BULL...Nice day babe..
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