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not feel good after masturbation

I am 29 years old male and our culture is not to have a girl friend before marriage. But i enjoyed through masturbation but i feel pain in my body specially in my knee and very tired. What should I do to be healthy, active and get rid of pain in my body after masturbation. Some special diet or some medicine.
I shall be very thankful to you for your kind reply.????
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Masturbation is a good habit.Do it with pleasure and without guilt.visulize that you are having intercourse with yourself (similar body like your self but female body)we hve seven bodies,two are female two are male.and the rest three are neutral. You dont need any sexual tonic. preserve your health with good food and exercise.Do not have any guilt and worry for your masturbtion.Everybody masturrbates.
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The only thing bad about masturbating is the psychological guilt that can follow.
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> but i feel pain in my body specially in my knee and very tired

I cannot tell about the pain (normally not associated to masturbation per se), but being very tired is a sign that you need more zinc and probably other minerals too. With each ejaculation much of the zinc of our body is depleted and depending of how often you do it and of your diet, you may need some zinc supplement. Also, as a general rule, being in good shape and health helps also the sexual activity. So, in summary you would need exercise to increase your endurance, good and varied diet and probably a zinc supplement if you have frequent ejaculations.
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But how much zinc should i take, does one tablet is enough for one day, in which form zinc supplements are available......
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Hi Samita. You may have the Post-orgasmic illness Syndrome (Pois).
It's like an allergy to orgasm causing symptoms (fatigue, chills/fevers, flu-like symptoms as joints pain/knees pain , loss of concentration ...). This syndrome has been described by dr Marcel Waldinger but there are no treatment approved by the medicine.
My opinion is the flulike symptoms are sign of inflammation and we can reduce it with a good diet.
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