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osteoporosis question

My husband has had osteoporosis  for 7 years being diagnosed @ age 55. It is quite severe and Fosomax , calcium and Vit D has not helped.  What could be causing the continual decline of his bone health? No doctor ever addresses the underlying problem , if there is one.HELP
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Has Your husband had his progesterone level checked? if needed he should take 8-10 mg daily. Studies have shown that declining progesterone production can cause bone loss. strontium gluconate is another supplement
be sure to have your CPK levels checked regularly. There's not enough
strontium in our food to have a significant effect if you have osteoporosis already, so if you’re suffering from this condition, you should take strontium in supplement form. But if you don’t have osteoporosis, it’s a good idea to eat foods that contain more strontium to prevent it from occurring. The largest amounts of strontium are found in spices, seafood, whole grains, root and leafy vegetables, and legumes. Until recently, the only source of supplemental strontium was Osteoprime, the osteoporosis formula
put together by Alan Gaby, M.D., But now there are more sources for you to choose from. One of these is called Strontium Support and is made by the company Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) of Calgary. Each capsule of Strontium Support contains 227 milligrams strontium. Check your local natural food or vitamin store to see if they carry this
supplement. They can contact AOR
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   Apart from what gymdandee has suggested, there are some more  aspects to be considered for osteoporosis treatment to be effective.

First of all the supplementation may not be effective unless you confirm by testing that the calcium and Vit D levels in the blood has reached normal level after treatment. Calcium could be lost through urine and Vit D being a fat soluble vitamin, may be lost in the small intestine if he suffers from  any disease of the small intestine that affects fat absorption. Also the fat from the small intestine is picked up and delivered to the circulatory system by the lymph system, so that any problem with the lymph system can also affect the level of Vit D in the blood.

Again, both testosterone and estrogen are important in bone mineralization, and skeletal muscles have receptors for both. So, if his level of these hormones in the blood are too low, that can also affect the bone density.

May be, if you discuss with your doctor about the ineffectiveness of the treatment, he may do more testing and find out and appropriate solution.

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