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penile discharge, negative std tests


A couple months ago I had unprotected anal sex with a girl after the bar. A month after I’ve been experiencing discharge from my penis. In the morning it can be a whitish yellowish color and throughout the day it can look cloudy. Sometimes there is a slight burn in my penis and throughout the day the tip of my penis sometimes feels uncomfortable. It isn’t a terrible pain but sometimes I can feel a uncomfortable sensation or feeling.

I ended up getting an STD test for chlamidiya and gonorrhea. They were both negative but I was prescribed doxy for 7 days. The discharge disappeared for about a month. After a month It came back which prompted me to get another STD test. This time for chlamidiya, gonorrhea and trich. They were all negative. The doctor told me because my tests are negative I should just ignore the discharge. But I was still very concerned and I urged her for more antibiotics. Thus I was given doxy again for 7 days. The same thing occurred, I was discharge free for a month but then it came back again. This time I went to another doctor who ended up referring me to a urologist. I have to wait a month and a half for my appointment and I’m very anxious for the time being.

After some research on the topic, I’m convinced some of the bacteria from the anal sex got pushed up into my urethra and is causing the discharge. I’m very concerned because the doxy did not clear the discharge. Isn’t that the most effective antibiotic for this sort of thing? What other antibiotics should I try to get my hands on?
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Don't take any more antibiotics until you get diagnosed with something. Did any doctor actually send your urine off to be cultured for anything other than STIs?

You don't want to just take random antibiotics until you find out if you have a bacterial infection, and what bacteria it is. You need a specific antibiotic to cure certain bacteria.

You could even just be chronically dehydrated. While you wait for the urologist, make sure to drink plenty of water, and cut back on the caffeine and alcohol.
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No. None of my urine was sent anywhere. I was only tested for chlamidya, gonorrhea and trich, all negative.

I’ll take your advice on drinking more water and cutting back alcohol as I’m quite desperate.

Does it seem probable that anal bacteria could cause this discharge?
Ask your doctor ,but I think fecal matter that gets in the urethra can cause an infection but it is often like a urinary tract infection.
Yes, that would be like a urinary tract infection.

After you've been off the antibiotics for at least a couple of weeks, if you are still having symptoms, ask them to test your urine for bacteria.

Continue with the water and decreasing your alcohol and caffeine. Even if it doesn't help, it certainly won't ever hurt. :)

I grew impatient and could not wait until my appointment so I went to an urgent care and got a chlamidya, gonorrhea, mgen, sti and urine culture. All were negative. I’m very lost right now and I’m not sure what to do. I’m still experiencing whitish/cloudy discharge and burning/tingling sensation. What could this be? I know I was told not to take any more antibiotics but the doctor prescribed me 1.5g of aizthromycin. I’m on the second day of treatment.

What should I do next?
How are you doing with the water?

If everything, including the urine culture, was negative, now you need to see a urologist to figure out what's happening.

Today I really started drinking a ton of water. I have a 34 oz yeti cup and I’ve finished four so far.

Before drinking all this water I was already experiencing urination more than normal. But after drinking water like this I have to pee literally every 15 mins. I heard it’s not a good idea to hold it in so I just go every time. I noticed it doesn’t burn as much when I pee now and my pee is pretty much clear.

Before this I would rarely drink water. Mostly soda, and sugary fruit juices. I would usually go days maybe a little over a week without drinking water - and when I did drink water it wouldn’t be much. That paired with the fact that I drink quite a bit of alcohol. Like every weekend. Now that I’m thinking about it my hydration situation does sound pretty bad. I desperately hope this could be the cause for all this as I’ve tested negative for literally everything so far. But would chronic dehydration really cause a discharge?

Also I think I’m still going to look into the chance of me still having a UTI despite negative urine culture. Apparently low amounts of certain bacteria aren’t accounted for.
Did your doctor notice the discharge?

Fruit juices can be incredibly irritating to the bladder, and thus, the urethra. Alcohol can be, too.

Dehydration wouldn't cause a discharge, but your discharge isn't constant. If you had an infection, it would be constant.
At the urgent care I went to they didn’t examine my penis. They just listened to my story and gave me urine culture, mgen, chlamidiya/gono and sti tests, all negative.

My discharge is actually quite frequent now. Whenever I go to pee there’s about a 50% chance there’s just some cloudy/grey sometimes clear discharge that leaks out by itself. The other half of the time I can squeeze something out. If I have to squeeze it’s usually very little but it’s there. And again in the morning it’s consistently white and usually comes out by itself or with minimal squeezing.

If I got the discharge swabbed or squeeze some into a sample cup would they be able to figure out what it is? Because I’m sure I can do that quite easily.

I was able to get a urology appointment on June 5th rather than July so hopefully I find something out soon.
If you have to squeeze it, it's not actually discharge.

If you can get it swabbed, that's great.

However, having clear or white discharge in the morning is quite normal. Is that the only time you see it without squeezing? That's normal.

It might also be smegma that has built up if you have a foreskin.

See your urologist. They'll figure it out. :)
Thanks for your help.

Turns out I had Mycoplasma Gentalium. It can be tricky to treat so a two step antibiotic regimen is reccomend. I’m being prescribed Doxy+Azithromycin.

Not many places test for it so it seems to fly under the radar a lot.

Hopefully the antibiotics clear the infection.

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