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penis size

my penis size is 3 inch flaccid and 5.5 erect. Im worried that this is to small to keep a woman in a relationship with me. Is my penis to small ?
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Is it thick? Women love a wide penis. Your size is big enough that a woman who truly loves your character won't care about the size, if it was say 4 inches erect she might yonder for more if sex is her main priority, but even then a lot of good girls would stick with a man with a 4 inch penis
I heard some kind of pump streach  in markit  what you think about that is it will b work
Scams, all of them.  You cannot increase your penis size (without surgery).  Live with what you have been given, or see a qualified specialist (urologist) about your concerns.  Most products on the market that claim to increase penis size can permanently damage your penis.
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Except in porno flicks (and similar live situations) normal women don't care how big the guys penis is.  Most women tested could not even draw an accurate picture of their husband's erect penis with regard to size or shape.  It's an "under the covers, lights out" thing to them.  Put the ruler away (you're unlikely to star in porno flicks) and there are way more important things to contemplate.
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Like it’s been said, girth matters too. As long as it’s long enough I get a girl off (which you are fine) it doesn’t matter. Guys are worried about physical attraction way more than girls. If you are confident and can turn a girl on (words, touching, foreplay, etc) then girls will enjoy sex better than if you just had a big ****. Look up different sex positions. Like if the girl gets her feet behind your head, it can feel longer. My ex liked that and doggy best. Only size queens want it massive
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Mate relax u have an average size penis. 5.5 inch is more than enough to satisfy most women unless they’re sluts. As long your penis is bigger than her finger it’s fine bro.
Lol. Well said!
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Women have no nerves in the upper two-thirds of their vaginas. The third of the vagina beginning at the entrance is all that matters. You're plenty big enough to satisfy any woman. The penis-size thing is invented by men to put down other men, it has NOTHING to do with what women want. Get to know her, be interested in what she is interested in, be enthusiastic, and you will never be short of women to please and delight. It is not about size.
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