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penis skin problem

I was circumcised wen i was infant as there was some problem with my penis skin , honestly  wat prob i had i have never asked about it from my parents.
now the thing is that, from 4 days i have this  rash kind of things just along penis foreskin and it itches real bad ,
i havent had sex in long time but were masturbating untill i got this thing. when erect the same area skin becomes dry hard
some kind of dryness thing.
when penis is not errect then the same area of skin is lose and forms a ring of lose skin around penis .
i had a boil below the foreskin and  i squeezed it and very little blood came out of it but now the area where the boil was is like  spot only . the area where i have this  dry skin is around the scar from circumcision and is round around the penis .
briefly it itches badly the whole penis skin .
is it a fungus infection?
another thing is that i havent had enough time to wash my undergarments and so i have been wearing it like that only but i do take shower everyday. could it be a infectiong?
i did masturbated with some oil and cream applied to my penis for lubrication is it coz of that?
kindly advice me for some unprescribed medicine as i am afraid to go to a doctor . you are my last and only hope .
i am presently in england so please tell me name of any medicine i can get from local drug store without prescribtion.
thank you a lot .
please help me .
thank you
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Hi,It very well could be some type of infection.Make an appt.and have it checked. Should be something a doctor can easly help you with.Good luck.
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