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please help! im 15!

im a 15 year old boy who has been suffering from facial acne for almost a year now. ive been using creams and the cream ive been using for the past few months or so now has proven to work. during the easter break from school (2 weeks) i didnt use the cream very often on my face which caused the acne to come back a little but it was more bumpy cysts.

the only reason i have mentioned the baove information is just incase it may have any link to the following.

about a month ago i noticed one of those little white sports that would usally be found on ones face that are full of white puss, and before anyone says anything it is not just one of those hair follecol things. it was definitely a puss filled acne spot.

i was shocked to find this spot on my penis as this was one of the things i dreaded most. after a while of negotiating with myself i finally decided i was get rid of the puss inside in a clean and responsible fashion without spreading it. i done this successfully but it left a red mark for a while.

anyway skip forward a couple of weeks....i came home from school one day to find that i had a very large firm lump on my penis, and as far as i can remember it is in roughly the same location as the original small acne spot. i though the smart thing to do wold try and get rid of the puss inside of this one also, so i got out as much as possible, and it all went downhill from there. the lump started to get redder and redder as the days went on, then eventually it formed as a very soft round spot that was a purple/black colour in the middle surrounded by that yellowly/cream puss colour. during my dinner today i expericned some pain with it, after my dinner, while in privacy, i checked it and it had popped, the thin cover that once housed all that ***** stuff was still in tact and from what a bump was still noticeable when i looked at my penis from a side-on view, but a small hole like thing has actually formed due to the popping of the large spot. the inside of my underwear was covered in a large stain of what had obviously came out of this thing, i then proceeded to the bathroom to try and clean around around my penis so that no where else got infected.

i poked about the hole trying to clean it as much as possible but it gave a sharp pain, a pain one would get whenever the inside of a cut or wound it touched.

im really worried about this and would appreciate any help.
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you seriously need to go to the doctor
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