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please help,very confused

Hi everyone

I am 38 years old male.I did my blood work and when the results came,I got a call from my doctor's office.His nurse called and I was told that my total testosterone levels are 17.3 ng/dl ,which was very low (extremely low she said) and therefore the doctor is puting me on hormonal therapy and prescribed testosterone gel.I was of course worried,and because then I did not know about what normal range for free testosterone is I checked on the internet.I learned that typical normal range is 260 - 1080 ng/dl. I was shocked to learn that I can possibly have only 17.3 ng/dl !!

My sex drive is fine.In fact I masturbate on average 2 times a day ,and ejaculations are strong.When investigating on the interned I learned that there is conversion factor used to show testosterone level in nmol/l (which coresponds to normal range of 8.8 - 36.7 nmol/l)

I called my doctor and expressed my concern that might be possible that the lab test made mistake in the figures and that the 17.3 ng/l is actually typing mistake and should have seen 17.3 nmol/l ? He said that such mistake can't be. I then asked him if it is expressed in ng/l and there was no mistake about the figure,then why is the figure in decimals (17.3) He could not answer,so I am asking this question here - are the measurements in ng/l only in whole numbers (i.e 260,420,550 etc) or can they also be in decimal numbers (i.e 17.3 , 23,5, 455,7 etc)

The doctor is not returning my calls and leaves me worry .Please help
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The blood test was for total testosterone and the figure apparently are  17.3 ng/dl  .

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had it rechecked and  all numbers were great - my total testosterone 522 ,free testosterone 73.9.

Never absolutely trust doctors!

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